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Mario Villatoro, A.K.A Vilatone is a DJ/Producer from Guatemala City, he began playing music since he was a child, he has experienced different types of music in his life, he had the opportunities to play the percussion on a rhythm band.

With several years of experience , Vilaton shows in each show how powerful is the way that he plays the music and his vibe makes the crowd go crazy.

Vilatone has been learned from top djs/producers from GT, he was part of the best DJ academy in the city called BPM, Mario has participated as well on the show master class of the International DJ/Producer Carl Nunes.

Now Vilatone is focused in his 1st EP, music from this amazing dj are coming soon. With a combination of tones, melodies and perspectives, we are excited to let Vilatone show us this masterpiece.

He has contributed to the mainstream scene in Guatemala, his genres are around the Electro House, House Progressive, Big Room, Tech house and hardstyle. However Vilatone has the high gama of genres and his versatility makes him the amazing dj that he is today.

He has collaborated in several local events with different brands, including WLB, Tri4ngle and some Fashion Events

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