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Updated: Oct 31, 2019

The underground techno label THE CIRCLE is going to celebrate their anniversary this Friday, this time in a really special location at zone 10 of Guatemala City.

The circle has been supported local artist and underground techno music for several years, today proudly invites you to this amazing gigg.

You are fully invited to the best party we have ever organized, this edition is Especially important for us SO is going to be celebrated in Clef Recording Studio

This time we are going to be celebrating our Anniversary, a very Unique event with an incredible energy including the Special performances of:

DJS LIVE PERFORMANCE BY a very Special crew

Jcee Jc Meléndez Deonder Andres Luna Mailo Emilio Morales Eduardo Cisneros Garnilla Cristoph Dávila Evani Cabria Giancarlo Recinos

Special performance of HXO Hiphop Artist and also from Alejandro Eva who are gonna be releasing some new bangers !

Live entertainment by Esteban Villalovs

This is a very special event for us so presales are gonna be limited and you can easily get them by contacting any of the artists on the event or as well by contacting Clef Recording Studio and The Circle GT directly

come to experience a totally different event , you ready for it?

#ChooseYourCircleWisely #Goodvibesonly

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